Black Sheep – The Authorised biography of Nicol Williamson to be published by The History Press in February 2018


Not long to go now until my biography of the great, sorely underrated and much missed British star Nicol Williamson is published. Feb 1, 2018 to be precise.
I found Nicol to be an extremely complex figure. He was an absolute rarity in this day and age where people in showbusiness – indeed in most walks of life, I suppose – tend to make decisions based on material gain and self-advancement. OR where they tend to drift with the tide. OR please those with the power to make or break careers. OR where they tend to want to be associated with projects that feature the powerful on the basis that to be tainted with such can only do them good.
Nicol was an extremely principled man in the sense that he always spoke the truth as he saw it, never offered false flattery just because he thought it would help him and never betrayed his true feelings. I’d venture to say that most people are guilty of all these ‘sins’ without even thinking about it – or indeed ever questioning their behaviour.
So in the end I have to agree with one of my most help helpful contributors, director Leslie Megahey, who said: “Kenneth Tynan says that Nicol is living proof against John Donne‚Äôs belief that ‘no man is an island, entire of itself’. Well, wrote Tynan, and I finally agree with him, Nic was his own island.”
My biography of Nicol, Black Sheep, is published by The History Press. I have to say that they have done a truly excellent job with the cover and jacket design.
I think you will all find it an illuminating read, not only for casting light on a stupendous actor, but also throwing up some intriguing questions about human behaviour in general.