About me

My new biography of Albert Finney has come out and has won some great reviews.

I’m now waiting for publication of my biography of Nicol Williamson. The book, entitled Black Sheep, will appear in February 2018, again from The History Press. I feel that Nicol was a very underrated performer and that the biography will provide a valuable service for his many fans and also fill a gap in that it also charts an important period in British theatre.

Going further back … Since leaving England in 2001 I have lived in Portugal and Bulgaria, writing stories of interest to the expatriate community.

I have vast experience as a content creator, editor and proof reader. My real passion lies in an enthralling human story – hence my enjoyment of writing biographies about those special luminaries in the arts who created unforgettable cinematic and theatrical spectacles that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end.

I currently spend most of my time in Sofia with the family. I love a good movie and a tasty curry and – albeit more sporadically – a brisk walk around the outskirts in the foothills of Vitosha.

I’m rather obsessional, neurotic and orally fixated. And those are my good points.

I read mostly non-fiction, hence my penchant for writing it myself. I generally prefer everything old – whether films, music, plays or magazines – to most that today’s cultural scene has to offer.