Strolling Player

Strolling Player – the Life and Career of Albert Finney – was published by The History Press on January 13 2017



Perfectionist, professional, bon viveur, versatile film and stage star, insatiable romantic, restless globetrotter, a sensualist who prioritised life over art … Albert Finney is all these things and more as revealed in this major new biography, Strolling Player, that traces how a homework-dodging son of Salford revolutionised British theatre and film, played the Hollywood game strictly on his own terms and won without compromising his integrity or popularity.

“If I’d asked him to climb a vertical wall, he would have done it. It was like working with the most delicate scalpel. It was as though if I’d said, ‘can you pull back just 22 per cent?’ he could have done so.”
Robert Sallin – director of The Picasso Summer

“He democratised every space he went into.”
Michael Attenborough

Strolling Player was published on January 13 and is already winning good reviews.

Kathryn Hughes, in the Mail on Sunday on January 29th, wrote: “Hershman has managed to gather a huge amount of information and distil it into a book that is not only respectful but full of insight into what makes this unstarriest of stars able to produce brilliant work without ever appearing to break a sweat.”

Paul Davies, of, wrote: “The joy of this book is that it will make you return to Finney, possibly one of the most under-rated, (and certainly under-awarded), actors of his generation.”

Another nice review came from Roger Crow at On Magazine 
“Hershman does a fine job of sustaining the interest throughout, peppering his book with star anecdotes about ’Albie’. . . In short, it’s a great read with a wealth of well researched material that keeps a film and theatre geek like me entertained for a good few hours. Recommended.”